Every metropolis has its soho

Story of the world's SOHO

When an outsider becomes a trendsetter. That's the story of a neighbourhood called SOHO. A story that has captivated the world. Residents of London, New York, Hong Kong and, most recently, Prague boast a prestigious neighbourhood that attracts not only residents but also investors. The once neglected and now beautified space in the city provides an opportunity for great living, business, cultural events, as well as the creation of new communities. Giving new life to old things is a really good trend.

Welcome to SOHO,
the new heart of the right bank of the Danube!

A modern neighbourhood that combines nature, culture, walkability, sustainability, quality public spaces and sports.

SOHO will be a place of life – outdoors and indoors. Walkability for all will be at the forefront, thanks to traffic calming measures and parking situated underground. In addition to the pedestrian movement, SOHO will also be connected to the new tramway and a network of bikeways.

Three residential buildings will be built in the first phase of the project. Gradually, more will be added and together they will create space for quality urban life in the form of residences, shops, offices, services, workplaces, and places for culture and sports activities. SOHO will become a new full-fledged centre on the right bank of the Danube.

About the developer

The group of original shareholders of the Petržalka City project was joined in 2016 by IURIS GROUP, a.s. The company has many successful projects with awards for architecture, construction works and urbanism, such as IURIS HOUSE, OCTOPUS HABITAT, TRIANGEL, NIDO 1 and NIDO 2. Their ambition is to bring the project to a successful conclusion in the form of an exceptional neighbourhood in Petržalka.

It is a tremendous challenge, but more than 30 years of experience and the group’s results are the best prerequisite for its successful completion to the satisfaction of all Bratislava residents.

Frequently asked questions and answers

The playground will stay! We consider Detský svet to be the first taste of the new SOHO and its great urban park. You and your children will be able to enjoy it in the future just as fully as now.

Our goal is to bring as much convenience as possible to everyone - dog owners and their dogs, as well as non-dog owners. The previously unmanaged style of dog-walking in the locality will be replaced by a cultivated urban approach. Throughout SOHO we will install special bins with bags for dog waste and construct special dog enclosures where dogs will be able to play with their furry friends.

It is true that SOHO will be created as a car-free zone, where pedestrians will come first and traffic at street level will be quieter. But that doesn't mean we will reduce the number of parking spaces. On the contrary! We will move all parking in SOHO to underground parking lots under the neighbourhood where locals and visitors can park conveniently. There won't be a single parking space on the street level, which is unique for Bratislava!

We have several ways of implementing traffic calming measures. Jantárová cesta, which will cross SOHO, will be accessible only for vehicles up to 3.5 tons. We will also make use of several traffic calming features such as roundabouts, crosswalks and a raised plaza that will increase the safety of all pedestrians in SOHO. Deliveries will be facilitated with a dedicated drop-off lane.

Yes, also in cooperation with the Capital City Bratislava several new footbridges will be built over Chorvátske Rameno. The first one will be built during the first stage of construction. However, we have already managed to widen the sluice in the southern part of the district, making the crossing of Chorvátske Rameno more pleasant for pedestrians.

Our urban park will truly be a place for everyone. There will be several thematic and seamlessly interconnected zones that will cover all the needs of green-loving residents and visitors. We will plant new greenery, especially long-lasting trees such as ash, oak, maple, and linden. The park itself will cover an area of at least 25 000 m2.

Just as we have taken care of the maintenance of the playground Detský svet, we will also take care of grounds keeping, maintenance, and other essentials in the new SOHO. We strive for the highest level of care for the area and the lowest amount of hassle for residents.

Everything you can imagine! The new modern centre, built to the highest European standards and equipped with modern technology, will become a venue for concerts, theatre performances, screenings, congresses, other types of events and lots of great experiences for everyone.

Yes, of course! We envision SOHO as a vibrant neighbourhood that is always brimming with people. This will be ensured by a thoughtful combination of pleasant living and abundant services. This will create a vibrant centre of Petržalka that will become a home for all.

SOHO is for everyone! Our desire is that every single resident and visitor will find their place in SOHO thanks to the rich opportunities for families, athletes, businesspeople, artists, seniors, and everyone else. SOHO is for all those who want to live and work in a modern neighbourhood that will become the new heart of Petržalka.

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